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15 April 2010

apparently, i'm in shape

Someone asked me...

What do you do to stay in shape?

The answer is: nothing much.

Well, that's not entirely true, but this semester it sort of is. I used to try to go to the gym at least three times a week, but this term, I think I've gone once, total. I'm really not in very good shape. One of my knees feels not so great - like maybe I ought to see a doctor - so running and stair-climbing (some activities I have enjoyed in the past) are out for me. I occasionally lift some free weights I own, and I occasionally use the Wii fit. (And I mean occasionally. As in, I used it yesterday, and the last time before that was 70 days ago.)

I am not a person who is naturally thin. What I *am* is tall: that means I can gain or lose 10 pounds and no one really notices. My weight does fluctuate an awful lot, mostly depending on my diet.

Mainly, I count calories. I try to never go over 1700, and rarely over 1300 per day. Seems like not much, but I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle and have a fairly slow metabolism, so any more than 1500 means weight gain for me. Here's an example of what I might eat on a normal day:

Coffee, black. (5 calories)

Some kind of frozen leftover (250 calories)

Chicken, potatoes, carrots (700 calories)
Leftover candy from the last holiday (250 calories)

Yeah, I don't eat a lot. And yeah, a large portion of my calories comes from candy/dessert. I love food, y'all. Love it love it love it. Specifically, I love food that is bad for me. Even though I am well aware how bad it is to jerk your body around like this, I am the person who will starve myself for a designated amount of time just so that I can allow myself to eat something delicious later on. (Today, for example, I'm subsisting on coffee and bananas so that I can eat a disgustingly huge portion of my birthday cake [tomorrow]). They say it's better to be consistent, but it just doesn't work for me (because I happen to looove high-calorie, high fat-content foods).

I am trying to work on adding more veggies, fruits, and healthy dairy (i.e. yogurt and milk) into the mix. (And I do take supplements.) I use Fit Day to count calories and monitor my nutrition. That Wife has written about her success with FitDay. Here's a link to one post.

Currently I am really trying to drop my winter flab for a couple of reasons. One is my friend's upcoming wedding. I'm a bridesmaid, and the dress is pretty short (above the knee). Since I'm sure she'd prefer the wedding guests aren't blinded by jiggly white-meat chicken-thighs, I've been trying to do some strength exercises to tone them up a little. And then of course there's Jamaica. Apparently it's hot there, which means I won't be able to hide behind jeans and a bulky hoodie!

Anyway, thanks for flattering me!

P.S. Even though I am no longer answering questions on a regular basis, I am still accepting new ones here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. Once it sits empty for a week, I'll disable it.

P.P.S. HEY!! Did you follow Mrs. Cheese on the wedding site, and/or read her personal blog Not Quite Betty Crocker? If so, did you notice (like I did recently) that she totally disappeared? What happened is this: she lost her domain name when it expired. Crud. Anyway, go and get your fix HERE! She's now "Parenthetical Me". Update your links!