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19 April 2010

the back yard project

Warm weather is upon us, and for us that means... slightly less schoolwork! (What, did you think we'd actually take a 'for real' break? Two classes (instead of 3) *is* a break for me.)

Anyway, projects. I have a list of projects a mile long, and I'll be happy if I/we get to a third of them this summer.

Later this week (or early next week), I'll show you an interior project I'm preparing to tackle. But right now, let's talk about our back yard.

When we moved in (last May - has it really been almost a year?!), one corner of our back yard looked like this.

backyard with the playset

Wow, let me go tangenting for a minute. Look at how weedy the yard was!! Wait until you see the later photos... Pink Hubby did a GREAT job killing the weeds and nurturing the grass. Anyway, the point is this: we really did not need that play structure. It was an eyesore, with its multicolored tarp out there flapping in the breeze. And the mulchy area was pretty much a breeding ground for millipedes and ants. Lovely.

So we gave the structure to a friend. He and his brother took it down one weekend.

backyard playset being taken down

Then it was gone, and we were left with this. This photo is from probably July, 2009. Yes, the playset is still leaning on the garage in the pic, but pretend it's not (they had to get a truck to take it away).

backyard without the play-set

What you see in the picture is an area about 30 feet long by 15+ feet wide, covered in mulch (and later, we would discover rocks), and with a 3' wide stump and a 4' sand pile [a.k.a. huge cat litter box] in the middle of it. What, oh what, could we do with such a space? You'll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here's another (much smaller) project Pink Hubby and I successfully tackled in our back yard. Some well-meaning person at some point decided to make whimsically shaped random flower beds throughout the yard. This was one of them. With narry a live plant in it. (I found one very very dead rosebush, however.)

former flower bed

(Again, WOW. So many weeds back then! Our lawn looks hundreds of times better now.) Anyway, this was a really easy project. I removed the rocks and tilled up the dirt, then planted some grass seed.

former flower bed

This spring, it looks like this.

former flower bed, this spring

Time will tell if all of the grass made it through the winter or not! It kind of looks like it didn't. But now that side of the yard *almost* looks like a normal lawn! That's progress.

I'll share more of the much bigger mulch-and-stump-hell project later this week. And that interior project I mentioned earlier, too! (A three-season room.)