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09 April 2010

but! form is so much prettier than function.

Most of the important upgrades, maintenance, and repairs that go into owning a home are just not really very blog-worthy. As practical as it is, something tells me you won't see this "before and after" on Design*Sponge. I wasn't going to even post it here, but I figured you all ought to see that home-ownership (for us, at least) isn't all painting and making things look nice and presentable.

Our outdoor faucet had no handle, and it was turned sideways because the pipe it was connected to was kinked/twisted.

the old faucet was all twisted

Goodbye, crappy faucet...

getting faucet replaced

Hello, handle!

new faucet is not twisted.

We probably could have done it ourselves, but I called a plumber for this job. In addition to installing the new faucet, it required replacing about 2 feet of pipe in the basement. It took this guy about 40 minutes to do the job. Would have probably taken us all damn day. We don't have the tools or the expertise, so we figured a pro would save our sanity.

And now, we can water our garden and wash our cars without having to turn on the water from the laundry room! Huzzah!

When do you cut your losses and call in a professional?