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24 April 2010

for all you women who wish you were tall

Being tall has its advantages. I can reach stuff that's on high shelves, for example. I would have to gain a fair amount of weight before clothes get tight and/or people start to notice. I stand eye-level with most men, which is nice when you're a professional.

But here's a problem I've been having. All of these cute little mini dresses. I generally don't like to buy dresses that hit above the knee. And nothing, anymore, hits below the knee except for those 'maxi' dresses, which actually hit me about mid-shin and generally look like ill-fitting mumus.

But back to the short dresses. It's partially a comfort zone thing, and I know this. I have been trying to find cute clothes to wear in Jamaica. So yesterday, I took a step out of that comfort zone and tried this dress on at Target.

short dress

It was short, but I thought it looked pretty good. I have long legs so I might as well show them off, right? The top fit perfectly and everything. But then I did the "sit down" test. When I sat down, the back of the dress was no longer covering my butt at ALL. We're talking bare (underpants-wearing) ass on the bench in the dressing room.

(Note: I could still wear this dress with leggings or skinny jeans under it... but I decided not to because I probably wouldn't actually do that.)

This is what happens to me with these short dresses (and skirts). I recently put a knee-length pencil skirt that had a standard-height slit in our Goodwill pile. Because wow... What happened when I sat down was scandalous.

So for those of you who wish you had longer legs so you could show them off in this season's mini dresses and skirts... do take a sec to be glad you can sit down in a short dress without looking like you actually forgot to put pants on this morning.

The grass is always greener...