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23 April 2010

one more obstacle out of the way (back yard, part 3)

For a few weeks, I thought about this:


In order to lay fresh dirt, level the area, and plant grass, I needed to pick up these rocks. When I left off before, I told you I'd share how I finally decided to pick them up. Pink Hubby wants to use them for another part of this project, so I couldn't just spread them out and bury them (believe me, I considered it).

So here is my brilliant strategy. My genius solution, if you will.

How I spent my weekend [3/365]

I picked them up with my hands.

me picking up rocks

Pink Hubby told me to dump the rocks in a long line against the side of the garage. He's going to dig a little ditch and fill it with the rocks. This will help with the drainage in this rather soggy part of the yard. The bottom siding board on our garage is pretty rotten because of past drainage issues; the long term project plan involves replacing it, or at least part of it.

This took me about 2 days, working a few hours each day. I went tarp-by-tarp: in the photo above, I am kneeling in dark dirt from which I had pulled a tarp the day before. I'd pick up a handful of rocks, shake the bugs, leaves, and stray mulch remnants off, and toss them into a bucket. When my three buckets were full, I'd dump them along the garage.

Let me pause the progress for a minute to show you my rock-picking friend.

rabbit hole near the rocks

Do you see her in the leaves?

rabbit with a nest near the rocks

She has built a nest about 5 feet from the stump, and about 7 feet from the rocky area. She wasn't shy, and she did not want to let me out of her sight as I was working on this part of the yard so close to her nest.

Back to the rocks. Here it is: the last of the tarps, rock-free.

Rocks gone, tarp remains

And after I removed the tarp and raked the dirt and debris around:

Rocks and tarp gone

You can see the rocks in their new (temporary) home against the side of the garage in the photo above.


Rocks are gone, the stump remains

We now have a mulch-, sand-, and rock-free mud hole. The next order of business is the stump. This is where I'm worried about the rabbit. The landscaping company will probably come next week to grind the stump out. Obviously the rabbit is going to be scared and/or concerned about this. I just hope it doesn't adversely affect any baby bunnies that may or may not be in the hole at the time.

I am not, however, willing to wait 6 weeks (until the bunnies - if they exist - grow up) before we get rid of the stump and plant the grass. Hrm. I haven't actually seen the rabbit since Saturday. I wonder if she decided that my presence made this a less-than-ideal place to set up house? As cute as the little ones would be, I really hope that's what happened.