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07 April 2010

the san juan islands: details

I love details. I love photographing them even more. There are times when I'll empty out a camera memory card only to find it filled exclusively with details - not a scenic shot in the mix. I like to get up close and personal, and I love my macro setting (or 50 mm lens, depending on which camera I'm sporting).

This is the last of my series showing our vacation to Orcas Island, Washington. (We were there in the middle of March.) Now, you get to see the details. Enjoy.

neat painted carvings on the ferry dock



the road



moss on wood

ocean spray

fishing rod

lava rock

sea junk

scrubbing oysters

pink flowers

We had a fun time on this trip. This is actually the second time I've been to this location - my family had a reunion here in 2007 as well.

Photo credits:
As with the other two posts, I'm pretty much showcasing Pink Hubby's photography here! I took the photos of: the Orcas island sign, the wire-strangled tree, the fishing rod, and the pink flowers. He took the rest. I can take credit for post-processing them all, at least!