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05 April 2010

the san juan islands: scenes

Pink Hubby and I spent our Spring Break (March 13-20) lounging around (and snapping photos) off the coast of Washington. It was a "family reunion" type of affair. Family reunions can be pretty different if your family is like mine: all of us (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa etc) total in the single digits. Anyway, for ours we stayed at a rental house on the Orcas island.

Here are some scenes from our trip. This first one is me. On a boat!

i'm on a boat

Mt Baker (I think)

The photo below was taken from the ferry. See the red/pink blanket? One of my relatives is waving it from the porch of the house we stayed in.

the house we stayed in

Sheriff boat at Orcas, WA

neat signs

road near the house

The one-room cabin below was perched on an ocean-front hill with direct beach access. I bet it would be prohibitively expensive to buy (since you're buying the view, not the home!).

abandoned? shack

of course i went inside the creepy shack

abandoned shack

Some of the family went down to the beach at low tide, and picked up fresh oysters. My dad and grandma made oyster stew with them that evening. It was GREAT!

muddy cousin

cages on the beach (at low tide)

got some oysters

Below is the lighthouse at Lime Kiln, which is on San Juan island.

lime kiln light house

We took a chartered boat and saw lots of cool sights and animals.

we took a boat ride

Fuel sight

boat (and birds)

I'll show you the animals in my next post. (This post is part 1 of 3.)

Photo credits:
I took the photos of the sheriff's boat, the interior of the shack, and the 'fuel at store'. My cousin took the photo of us with the boat. Everything else was shot by Pink Hubby (and I did all of the post-processing edits).