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14 April 2010

tentacles are tasty

In part one of my San Diego trip recap, I showed you everything else. Now this post? This post is about the food.

The second night we were there, we ate at La Fiesta, which is a Mexican restaurant in the Gaslamp quarter. It was happy hour. This huge margarita was three bucks.


I wasn't feeling very creative, so I got nachos, which were DELICIOUS. Also: cheap. Happy hour, remember?


The next night, my coworker and I took the suggestion of another person at our meeting and walked to Island Prime's "C Level" lounge. It was after happy hour, so the drink below cost $12. I forget the fancy name for it, but it was a mai tai and tasted like pineapple.


Here's what I had for dinner at the C Level that night.

Lobster Bisque (yum yum yum):

lobster bisque



Do you see the tentacles on that bad boy? I really like calamari and have ordered it up and down both of the coasts (not to mention a few times here in the upper midwest). But I have never had one that actually *is* a tiny squid. There were a whole bunch of these little buggers mixed in with the traditional rings. And wow, the 'whole' ones were awesome. Makes me want to specify that all of my calamari is tiny whole squids from now on. (Note: I hope they gut them first. Hmm. Me no-likey eating eyeballs.)

One big complaint I had about the Sheraton hotel is that they did not have any continental breakfast. Also, one of the two coffee packets in the room was decaf. They duped me with that shit on day one, but not again. Decaf does not a cheerful and alert Pink Heli make. Luckily, only a 10 minute walk away (in the other tower of the hotel), there was a Starbucks. And the world was tolerable again.

thats what it takes

I got these crab cakes at The Prado, a restaurant in Balboa Park (near the zoo). Under them is jicama-lime salad. It was good.

crab cakes

In Old Town, this woman was making tortillas from balls of dough. She had chocolate, regular, and strawberry (!) tortillas.

making tortillas

My colleague bought some strawberry ones, and they were surprisingly good.

strawberry tortillas

Impressed by the lobster bisque, my traveling companion and I returned to the C Level lounge with another colleague. That's where I had this:

sangria del presidio

It's sangria, blackberry brandy, and Grand Marnier. (Try: 4 parts Sangria, 2 parts Grand Marnier, and 1 part Brandy to get the gist of it. Pink Hubby is perfecting an at-home version of it for me.)

We also ate... Ahi tuna salad (with taro root chips and caviar):

ahi tuna salad with taro root chips and caviar

Nut-crusted, baked brie (seriously, YUM):

nut-crusted brie

And, (this is the pièce de résistance)...

Lobster macaroni & cheese

Yeah, Lobster Macaroni & Cheese.

Lobster macaroni & cheese

Finally, before boarding the first leg of our flight, we shared a bunch of baked pita chips with various dips (spinach and artichoke dip, guacamole, salsa, and a couple of kinds of hummus).


Oh man. It was a delicious trip.


You should know that I took all of my San Diego photos with the SD1100 I bought several weeks ago. Nothing fancy, no frills, no dSLR-goodness. And I still think they came out pretty awesome! This is my way of telling you that when it comes to taking good and presentable vacation photos, you do not need expensive gear! Just know how to use your camera. Know what light it functions best in. Pay attention to shadows, and understand the settings on your camera (i.e. Macro setting, exposure compensation, white-balance, etc). Most cameras have these basic features, and they definitely will help you produce better, crisper photos than the "Auto" setting. My best tip is: take more than one photo. If I can, I usually take at least three photos of the same thing, just in case my first attempt didn't come out clearly. If you have the opportunity, do it at different times of the day: the sun's position and strength is a big factor!

I think that's it for me, travel-wise, until we go to Jamaica (in just a few short months!!). And boy, do I need the time to work off all the calories you see pictured above!