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26 April 2010

two things in my life this week

Boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop

--our alarm clock
This morning, at 5:40 AM

A week or so ago, Pink Hubby and I decided that we ought to start swimming in the mornings. We need to get ourselves into shape. For ourselves, of course, but more urgently so that we will look hot in the ten thousand photos we intend to take in Jamaica this summer. Hah. We get a discount on the pool membership from work, which is a bonus. We decided to do this because a friend of ours was interested. He meets us there.

These are my cap and goggles. (This is the fourth photo from my 365-day set.)

cap n goggles [4/365]

We started our swimming regimen today. I was a competitive swimmer from about 3rd through 12th grade - city and high school teams. This morning proved that I am very, very out of shape. I felt great all day though! So I hope we will keep this up. (We have to, actually, otherwise we won't get our work discount.)

Changing the subject, these are my knees. (This is the eleventh photo from my 365-day set. Well technically it's the 11th day, but only the 10th photo because I actually missed one already - shame on me.)

presenting my knees [11/365]

They've been through a lot, from sectional-qualifying breast-stroke sprints and parking lot oil-changes, to unfortunate meetings with coffee tables and pavement and table-legs. I've never considered them to be much of an asset -- at least not aesthetically.

They're not very physically pleasing either -- cracking and popping when I do lunges and squats, sending all kinds of pain my way when I [attempt to] run, giving out on me when I attempt the simplest aerobic or yoga poses, and most recently, crying protest when I try to use the stairs.

Two professional opinions later, it turns out that the right one has some 'torsion' and something else (I can't remember what, but it starts with a "C"). I found all this out Friday, and now I have a bunch of physical therapy exercises I have to do. I hope this will be the year of Fixing My Knees.

So that's me, right now, courtesy of my photo project. More on the back yard coming soon. And some info on my latest interior project coming even sooner!