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10 April 2010

you had questions, now here are some answers

Who's up for some more of this?!

Have you ever been recognized out in public from your personal blog or from [the popular wedding site you blog for]?
Nope, never. Not once for either one.

What is your favorite room in your house?
Hmm. I really like our dining room. The color came out great, the windows are fabulous, we have a beautiful table, and it's just a nice room to be in.

Your home is on fire and you only have 30 seconds to grab three things to save--what are they? (Assuming all humans and pets are already outside safely)
Ack! Home on fire is NOT COOL. But ok. Every living being is safe. I would grab our box of important papers, our cameras, and our laptops. (Our laptops contain copies of all of our important pictures, so that's what makes THEM so important. And we're going to need our cameras to document the fire damage!)

Honestly, we had a tornado scare last summer and those are the things I did grab. I brought them down into the basement with us as we waited to see if the top of our house was going to be ripped off. (Thankfully, the tornadoes missed us. But god, that black swirling sky was a trip!)

Do you miss living in Oregon? What was your favorite thing about the NW?
Yeah! Mostly I miss the people. The culture there was a lot more liberal, and I have several good friends out there whom I have not seen in years. That makes me sad. I really liked the laid-back vibe of the west coast. I also miss the proximity of fun stuff. It's not everyone who gets a chance to live an hour from the big city, an hour from the ocean and an hour from the mountains, after all!

Do you go to church? Why or why not?
No, I do not. Never went to church as a child either, unless I was visiting my grandma or sleeping over at a church-going friend's house on a Saturday night. I'm not really a believer... I don't feel like blind faith is really the most intelligent way to live. Sure, I can see the place of religion for some people who might otherwise have a hard time coping with the goings-on in their lives... but it's not for me. I have 'tried' to be religious at various times in the past, but always felt fakey, you know? Sitting there in church, trying to genuinely be interested, but finding myself thinking "Man, massive amounts of people really BELIEVE this kind of thing?". If I was religious, I don't know what I'd be, but I probably wouldn't be Christian.

That said, I went to Bible Camp three times in elementary school (it was the only camp my friends went to, so why not?). I learned the "Lord's Prayer". Since I have an affinity for song lyrics, I have somehow remembered the prayer in its entirity for like 20 years. I can totally say it when prompted, a skill that has actually served me well at various functions in which one might be asked to recite a prayer prior to eating.

If you could have the ability to know what everyone thought about you, the good and the bad, would you want to know or would you choose ignorance?
Ignorance, for sure. If we all knew everything each other thought, no one would be friends with anybody. Because pretty much everybody gets annoyed or angry with somebody, sometime, and it's how we choose to portray our emotions that matters most when it comes to those we love. I generally would be OK with knowing the thoughts of people whom I already know don't like me. It wouldn't hurt me much to know just how deep or twisted their dislike is. But my friends and loved ones? I'd rather just trust them to show me how they feel.

If you wrote a book, who would you dedicate it to and what would the dedication page say?
It would be dedicated to Pink Hubby. What it would say would depend on the book, but I suppose it would probably talk about how great and supportive he is!!

What's your happiest memory?
I can't even say. I don't know. I don't really have a "happy place" that I go to. I could say "when I married my husband," which is probably true, but I don't reflect on that particular moment as the happy part (the marriage is the happy part). Crowds (even small ones) and recitations of ceremony (even short, civil ceremonies) aren't my definition of pure bliss!

Here are five occasions that popped into my head when I read the question.

  • The day my 1973 Volkswagen rolled off the car-trailer after being shipped to me from california (1998).

  • Sitting my in car on a hot August morning, sweat-soaked and completely drained of energy, after having just passed my Master's defense with no revisions necessary (2007).

  • The day I decided to allow myself to be with my now husband (2008).

  • Our first night spent in OUR house that WE bought (2009).

  • Toasting our marriage and eating cake in our house with our closest loved ones (2009).

Are those my top happiest moments ever? I don't know... but they're pretty memorable and they definitely make me smile.

NOTE: Even though I am no longer answering questions on a regular basis, I am still accepting new ones here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. (As of today, there is only one question left in there!) Once the inbox sits empty for a week, I'll disable it.