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15 May 2010

1 year

I can't believe it's been a year (today!) since we bought our house!!

Homeownership has taught me a lot of things.

1- Escrow. WTF is that? As a homeowner, I now know.

2- You get tougher. Try things you wouldn't have tried before. For me, that means things like climbing to the top step of the ladder to paint; or turning on powerful, heavy equipment even though I'd just been told it might drag me across the room.

3- Buying a hand (non-motorized) push mower is a waste of money. While you may think you're being eco-friendly (because it isn't gas) and money-saving (because it needs no tune-ups and is cheaper to begin with), you're also being dumb, because those push mowers take 5 times as long and the end product looks like you chewed up the grass with your teeth.

4- Old houses have things like 'secret' attics/crawlspaces, 'knob & tube' wiring, and plaster lath construction. I can point out and explain various characteristics of *each* of those things to you. (Related: You can't pound a nail into plaster. Unless it's some kind of crazy super nail, it's gonna bend.)

5- Money, time, and energy. You need all of that to own a home.

It's been a great first year. Here's to another one ahead!

P.S. I am making a lot of progress on the sunroom/entryway project this weekend. Can't wait to show you!