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06 May 2010

blog rolling rolling rolling

Someone asked...

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Well, one way you can find out is by looking at my links list. Lots of cool blogs on that. However, it is by no means a complete list. So don't be all offended that your blog isn't on there. It just means I've gotten lazy with updating my blog list. I'll elaborate on why in a little bit.

I currently subscribe to 67 blogs in my Google Reader. I used to have a lot more, but I've done a little trimming (like wedding blogs, for example - no offense, but it's just not something I'm interested in reading about anymore). If you have commented on this blog and your profile has a link, the odds are that I have visited and do read your blog or website. I don't generally 'follow' people through blogger - just not a tool I like particularly. But I do subscribe.

It might surprise you that I do not subscribe to some of the really popular blogs. For example, I deleted my subscription to Apartment Therapy because they just post too damn much. Every time I opened my Google Reader there'd be 30+ new posts. Same goes for Design*Sponge. Sorry, too much. And all the products are from stores to which I have no access. (The same often goes for blogs that focus on fashion and shopping.) I do like The Pioneer Woman, and Dooce too - been reading these blogs for several years, dating back to when I used to be a Real Live Semi-Well-Known Blogger. Heh.

I like to read blogs about people's lives, their travel, their homes, their photography, and their cooking, among other things. I especially like people who 'keep it real' - reading about/seeing constant perfection gets old and depressing sometimes. (But good for you, if your life, home and everything else is really that perfect. Seriously, that's amazing!!) I enjoy well-articulated honesty. Two stellar examples of such writing are That Wife and Parenthetical(Me). When I grow up, I hope to be similar to them.

I hope that answers your question!

On a slightly related note, I'm working on a big project involving this blog: I've decided that I might get a domain name and probably even change my nickname to something that doesn't translate to "entertaining p3nis trick". I'll keep you updated, obviously -- I don't want to lose anyone when I move. It's at that time that I'll do a lot of blogroll updating, so that the list on my blog will somewhat mirror what I actually read online. :-)

I am still accepting questions here. My plan has been to answer them on this blog -- whenever I have time -- until the inbox is empty. Once it's empty for a week, I'm going to disable it.