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13 May 2010

a couple of easy ones

Have you ever been attracted to women?

Nope. Never that I can recall. I can recognize a fellow female's beauty or fashion-sense, but that's where it ends. I actually don't even like the majority of women in a platonic sense. (If you're my friend and a woman, you must be a special non-majority woman!)

Where do you fit in politically? You seem to be somewhat liberal on some issues and somewhat conservative on others.

Hmm. Well, I somewhat covered this question in some other posts. One's in my November 2008 archives, after Obama was elected president. The other is more recent - March 2010 - when someone asked me to elaborate on my feelings regarding the government. So, look those up if you want to.

But you're right: I'm liberal on some things and conservative on others.

I usually agree with the way liberal candidates address issues like healthcare, education, the environment, world affairs, and personal rights (i.e. woman's right to choose, gay marriage rights, etc).

Now when it comes to money, I'm more conservative. But my feelings about the social issues I've just mentioned outweigh my desire to pay less taxes. I don't *like* paying more taxes, and I'm pretty greedy when it comes My Hard-Earned Dollar Bills. But I also don't like to see health research, environmental protection and education suffer while big business thrives. And I don't like war-mongering, bible-thumping presidential dunces. I wholeheartedly agree with the following sentence:

The President of the United States should at least as smart as I am.

I vote on the issues. If there were a Republican or otherwise conservative candidate with whom I agreed, I'd probably vote for that person. In the 9 years I've been eligible to vote, there hasn't been one.

Still combing through my Formspring. Got anything else to ask?