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14 May 2010

free money in the mail

What do you do on the rare occasion when you receive a check in the mail?

Case in point, yesterday's mail brought a refund from our mortgage escrow for last year. I guess we over-paid and they didn't need that much to pay our taxes, insurance, and all that stuff.

So they sent us $350 smackaroos in the mail. (And, I pretty much love smackaroos, don't you?) It's not really a windfall - it's our money, which we paid them. They're just giving it back. But it was unexpected and is thus 'free money'. Like a big ol' tax refund.

But what to do with it? Options include:

  1. Deposit in savings account.

  2. Make a one-time extra payment to either the mortgage, or our car loan.

  3. Use it to buy some of the things we've been holding off on for the house. (e.g. End tables for our bedroom (currently we have a stack of shoe boxes and a TV tray, a futon mattress for the bare frame in the extra bedroom, etc.)

  4. Use it for something cool-but-frivolous (our 'go-to' in this category is usually camera gear or other nerdery).

We've pretty much ruled out the 4th option, but I'm seriously considering #3. What do you do with 'free money'?