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25 May 2010

fried cheese

Today, I read a post about fried cheese. I decided I'd need to make some of this stuff. But I couldn't find Panko bread crumbs in the store on my way home from work. I settled for fried chicken sandwiches instead. Normal bread crumbs work fine for those.

Frying food is such a mess

The key to pan-frying is to use enough oil to cover the food you're trying to fry. If you don't, it splatters everywhere. Temperature matters too: I tend to fry things at a medium-low temp. Any more higher than that, and I end up with raw chicken wrapped in a burnt bread crumb shell.

Pan-fried chicken

I put my fried chicken pieces on sliced bread with swiss and colby cheese and a little bit of mayonaise. Then, I smushed 'em (in my panini press).

Chicken sandwich on the panini griller

Sandwich, done


But wait! There's more! Since I already had all of the ingredients out and ready, I figured might as well at least TRY to fry some cheese.

Mozzerella squares

Panko bread crumbs or not, these were pretty good.

let the record show... [40/365]

I have arrived in the world of frying. I can now fry cheese. (And I didn't even get any nasty old oil-splatter burns in the process!)