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05 May 2010

making our two-season room tolerable: the floor (part 1)

I told you I'd show you what was under the floor paint, didn't I! I planned to do that yesterday, but life got in the way. Without turning this post into a bitchfest:

1 - My car refuses to come out of 'Park' unless I poke a pointy object into the center console to release some kind of lock. Appointment for that on Thursday.

2 - Two big final papers were due this week for me, and two presentations along with them.

3 - We came home last night to warm food in our fridge & freezer. Lame. It died sometime early this week, apparently. Thankfully, a repair guy came today and was able to fix it for us. The 'relay' had burnt out. Of course, we lost all our food... which means one hell of a grocery trip for me today or tomorrow.

So yes, floor paint pictures had to wait, as I spent last night tossing spoiled meat and warm ranch dressing into garbage bags.

Anyway, onward.

The news with the floor is good, I think! Wait 'till you see (or scroll down and see right now, if that's how you roll, then come back up to read about the process).

Here are the before photos. The issues I had with this floor were cosmetic, but irritating enough to warrant action. First of all, I dislike the color. But also, they did a really terrible job. The stuff you see on the floor is not dirt I haven't swept up. It's stuff actually stuck to the paint, in some cases actually painted to the floor. They painted over old carpet glue, and hair, and dirt... basically the floor looks all sorts of nasty. The choices were to cover the whole thing with a rug, or try to re-do it. I decided to re-do it, because I just want to. And I think it'll look really great.

the floor of the sunroom, 'before'

the floor of the sunroom, 'before'

This is the area I chose to test it on. It's a corner that's away from the door into the house, and next to a window for ventilation. Also, you can't see it in the picture but there was carpet glue under the paint in this area. I was curious to see if the paint stripper would take up the carpet glue.

the floor of the sunroom, 'before'

(Look, there is totally a picture of a stripper on my blog now. hah.)

the tools

Now let's watch that stripper in action! (LOL)
After about a minute:

the testing area, chemicals freshly applied

Up close and personal after around 5 minutes:

the testing area, cracking after just a few minutes

After about 30 minutes:

30 minutes have passed

Time to peel it up!

let's see what's under here...

Ooooooooo. Hardwood!! I like what I see.

we've got wood [17/365]

I scraped up all the goop with paper towels and put it in a bucket, which I then took outside (assuming that the paint stripper would probably eat through plastic bags and even the bucket).

the paint came off very easily

The wood has some blemishes, but I think I can work with it!

some blemishes in the wood

To put it in perspective, here's a farther off shot of the tested area.

to put it in perspective

I have a lot of work ahead of me. But I'm actually excited about it! I hope the end result will be something I can be proud of. I will keep you updated on the progress!