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06 May 2010

there's something missing

We have no pictures hung in our house.

Wait, that's a slight exaggeration. There is one above the fireplace, hung on an anchor that was already in place. I also have a Macramé owl hanging in the rear entry way, mainly because my mother made it in college and I was afraid Rusty would try to eat it if I didn't hang it out of his reach. Also, Pink Hubby hung his 5.1 surround sound speakers on the walls in the basement. But I wouldn't quite call those 'art'. Other than that, the walls are bare.

The point is that we have lived in this house almost a year now, yet there almost no photos, mirrors, or wall art in any other form. It's not that we don't have the frames, and it's not that we don't like stuff hanging on the walls. Hanging the art is usually one of my favorite things to do each time I move (and I have moved a lot). Really makes a place feel like home. There are a few things that have stopped us, I guess, and here they are.

1. We are busy with school & work. That's my 'catch-all' excuse!

2. Also, most of the walls are plaster (which is very, very hard), so we need a drill to make the holes for the nails. We do have a drill so that isn't the issue. It's just slightly more complicated than banging a nail into the wall. (Refer back to #1.)

3. Most of the walls are painted with color, so we want to make sure we hang things in the right places the first time. Otherwise we have to patch and re-paint wherever we mess up. (Again, refer back to #1!)

4. It seems like nothing is worthy. We took most of our pictures ourselves, and though we love them, neither of us think that the ones we had hanging in our previous apartments really 'fit' in this home. Additionally, we had a lot of small photos (i.e. 5x7, 8x10) hanging in other dwellings. This home (having 9' ceilings and beautifully paned original windows) commands larger, more substantial pieces.

5. I'd like to get some mirrors for a few places, but have been keeping my eye out for the 'right ones' (traditional-but-interesting) at the 'right prices' (thrift-store prices, hah).

6. I'd also love some wall art. Non-photo wall art. I'm inspired by things like this monogram print and these squiggle paintings, but I don't know if they're for us or our place. A lot of design websites focus on the modern look. While I like that look, modern is just not a word that describes our home, with its dark wood trim and our oriental-look rugs.

The previous owners had beautiful oil paintings and mirrors in several rooms.

Previous owners' decor
(It looked amazing, as you can see above photo of our living room [with their stuff in it], taken before we bought the home.)

Since I like to do things all-or-nothing, I often convince myself that we'll hang photos when we have bigger frames -- and when we have ALL of the rooms planned out. That way, we won't be as likely to hang something and then decide on a better room for it, forcing us to have to patch a hole. Maybe I need to get over it, power up the drill, and hang some freaking pictures. Like I said, we closed on this house nearly a year ago and moved in a few weeks later. Somehow, this family of two photographers still has three boxes to unpack, and all three contain our pictures. I hope this'll be a summer project. I do love the extra sense of 'home' that wall decor brings into a space.