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08 May 2010

a week in my wardrobe

To preface this post, I'm not a big shopper. The main stores we have in our area are a small Macy's (my favorite), JC Penney, Sears, Kohls, and Target. We have a lot of smaller trendy stores too (i.e. Maurice's, Vanity, The Buckle), but I rarely go in them because I'm just not a 'mall wanderer'. I really like NY&Company and The Limited, but those stores are in Fargo and I just don't make it down there very often.

So, most of my clothes are 4 or more years old, with some even being leftover from high school. I bought a lot of clothes in late 2006 & early 2007, when I first began working in a position that required me to wear Not Jeans + Graphic Tees. Some might be a little out of style, but I think most are still OK because my mother taught me about buying classics versus trends. I have trouble with trends, too. ('Low rise' might as well be called 'plumber's-butt-rise'. I put on oversized 'cardigans' and look/feel pregnant. I wear leggings and feel like I forgot a key clothing staple: pants. Scarves strangle me. Maxi dresses fit like mumus that I might wear while waiting for a flood. Get the picture?) Obviously, I don't think the current trends look very good on my body. So I try to look modern, but I don't keep up on trends very well.

Anyway, without further ado, someone asked:
What do you wear to work? Show us a week's worth of outfits!

My employer is pretty lenient, but we do have somewhat of a dresscode we have been asked to observe. Basically it amounts to wearing neat, tidy outfits that aren't wrinkled, torn or too revealing. Also, no blue denim pants except on Fridays (though people do break that one from time-to-time with some of the 'dress denim' styles. Anyway, let's get started.


Weather: 46 degrees & cloudy, 15 mph wind

Ruffly Shirt: TJ Maxx. It's the same as the one I wore to our reception, just a different color.
Polka-dot Tanktop: Macy's, years ago
Skirt: Target, years ago
---Necklace from a street fair in Eugene, OR, ~2002
---Earrings, Claire's
Footless Stockings: Target
Boots: 'Indigo' boots from the Clarks store in Mall of America
Jacket (not shown): Single-breasted, wool, knee-length black pea coat, from Penney's years ago

Monday shopping tip:
If you're tall, you might be familiar with the 'wandering crotch' effect of most footed tights. You know what I mean? By 10 AM the crotch has creeped halfway down to your knees because the stockings aren't long enough? If you read the sizing on those packages, it seems you can EITHER get a S/M tight for people under 5'8" and under 165 lbs, OR you can get a M/L tight for people 5'9" and taller, and over 165 lbs. For me that means either the tights are too short, or they're baggy. Footless emo-kid tights are the best trend ever. I have a whole drawer full. They're also usually cheaper than normal stockings, and usually don't have a control-top (I HATE control-tops). You just have to wear socks and boots with them to cover the footless part. That's no problem for me: I love boots.


Outside: 55 degrees & rain, 15-20 mph wind

Shirt: Macys, years ago
Pants (not really shown): NY&Company, even longer ago than the shirt
---Earrings from Claire's (not the same as yesterday's: obviously I like cheap earrings)
---Necklace from Kohls
Shoes (not shown): Merrell Petunia wedge, from Nordstrom [in Seattle]
Jacket: Fleece-lined, brown, hooded raincoat from TJ Maxx.
Bag: Target, this year. I don't usually change purses to match my clothes - I've been carrying this one for weeks.

Tuesday gripe:
With my recent knee diagnosis and resulting physical therapy treatments, I've been trying to wear more sensible shoes more often. I have at least 5 pairs of gorgeous, higher-heeled, fancier shoes I'd have rather worn today, but I picked the Merrells for practicality. Sigh. Function over form. Hrmph.


Outside: 50 degrees & rain, 30-40 mph wind

Shirt: cashmere sweater my mom bought me when I was 15 to wear to a wedding.
Pink Tanktop: Macy's, years ago.
Pants: Skinny corduroys from Penneys
Scarf: Walmart earlier this year
Boots: Rain boots, from DSW last month - first time I've worn them out of the house.
Jacket (not shown): Oversized Patagonia waterproof windbreaker, bought about 10 years ago to take to college. I have ridden my bike in many a rainstorm, protected by that jacket.

Wednesday highlight: I got a ton of compliments on these boots, even from guys. Hah.


Outside: 45 degrees & cloudy, 5-10 mph wind

Jacket: Birthday present from my grandma last month.
Tanktop: Macy's, years ago.
Skirt:: Penney's, years ago.
Footless stockings: Target.
Boots: suede, Jessica Simpson, 80% off at Macy's in Seattle back in March.
---Necklace: Kohls, I think.
---Earrings: where else? Claires.

Thursday observation: I was a little rusty, but you can tell that my self-portraiture skills started to improve by the end of the week!

[Casual] FRIDAY, May 7

Outside: 38 degrees & raining, 5-15 mph wind

Shirt: Thrifted, probably 10 years ago.
T-Shirt: Toothpaste for Dinner 'Coffee', X-Mas present from Pink Hubby.
Pants:: Penney's last year.
---Necklace: I think I've had it since High School.
---Earrings: where else? Claires. Obviously you can't see them, but they're silver skulls & crossbones. Hehe.
Boots: TJMaxx, Steve Madden.
Jacket (not shown): The same one from Tuesday.

Friday musing: I really love a lot of the clothes I've found at thrift stores over the years. I need to get out to them more often, but I rarely make the time.

Well, this was fun! Thanks for asking. It also renders my Formspring inbox empty once again. So next Saturday, if no one has asked anything new, I'll be deleting it. Now it's off to spend the rest of my weekend scraping smelly old yellow paint off the floor! (You wanna get high?)