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11 June 2010

a constant reminder

After I booked the trip, I decided to lose about 10 pounds before we go to Jamaica. My reasoning for this is two-fold:

1) Look/feel better in a bikini.
2) Ability to gain weight from gorging on all-inclusive food and beverages, and still fit in to pre-trip clothes upon return.

(Some of you may want to comment that I look fine and don't need to lose weight, and I do realize that I am not fat. Losing 10 lbs wouldn't kill me though, OK?)

Anyway, at the time, it would have given me about 4 months to lose the 10 lbs. So what is that... a little over 2 lbs a month? No problem! Except that here we are, within weeks of our trip and I'm still fighting those same 10 lbs. What can I say? I like to eat almost as much as I like to procrastinate, and I am a queen 'negotiator' -- even with myself.

So last week I started wearing an extra ring. It's the 'stand in' band I bought to wear to Jamaica instead of my wedding set (which I didn't want to risk losing). I put it on my thumb. My thinking was that as I reached for snacks or extra helpings, I'd see this Jamaica ring and give my eating choices a second thought. After all: what's more important? Another handful of Doritos? Or the fact that we'll be in Jamaica in a matter of weeks and my ass doesn't quiiiite fit in my short-shorts?

the ring reminds me [52/365]

Funny thing is: I didn't actually expect this method to work! I love me some sweets and junk food. And we have so many delicious baked-goods around at work too - which I have to walk by all the time. But it HAS been working! Granted, I don't always say no to snacks. But I know this ring has stopped me from eating several things I'd have otherwise snarfed down (with much guilt).

I think about grabbing another muffin, scone or chocolate-covered macadamia-nut cluster, I look at my Jamaica ring, and I refill my water bottle or coffee cup instead. I'm amazed at how well it's working!

What are your best bad-habit-stopping tips?