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07 June 2010

the florida rug

When my parents and I moved to Florida in the late '80s, they built a house. The house had mostly tile floors (which I understand is pretty common in the south since tiles stay cooler). For the family room, my parents bought a very large area rug to warm up the space a bit. Friends and I laid on the rug and watched TV. I sat on it while opening Christmas presents and digging through Easter baskets. Twas a comfy rug.

When we moved to Minnesota, the house we lived in had a formal dining toom. That's where the rug ended up. It was, from then on, a dining room rug. When my parents moved east about 5 years ago, it once again found a home in their dining room. That is, until a month or so ago... when they bought a new dining room rug.

Knowing that I'd been on a hunt for a good master bedroom rug (largely unsuccessful - it is very hard to find a rug to compliment burnt orange walls), they emailed me asking if I wanted 'the florida rug'. About 2 weeks later, here it was. Rolled up, folded, bagged and stuffed in to a moving box, it arrived on our porch.

rusty with the 'new' rug

It was Rusty's new best friend. It's been professionally cleaned, but it still apparently has 20 years of good smells in it! (I made a hilarious time-lapse video of him frolicking around and sniffing it, but YouTube flagged it because I used a Hall & Oates song as the soundtrack. Fail.) Anyway, as you can see it is a pretty neutral rug. Tans and browns dominate, with subtle hints of dull pink and blue. It's not a real Oriental rug, as it says it was made in Belgium. It's big too: 11' long x 8' wide.

The extra large rug pad I ordered from Overstock.com arrived on Wednesday, so we finally unrolled the rug in our bedroom on Saturday. (That was a feat. Ever try to roll out a huge rug on a non-slip pad, under a very solid (read: heavy) sleigh bed? Shit. I have bruises and Pink Hubby's hands are probably still swollen.)

Before the big 'reveal', I have one more bedroom component to tell you about: I also recently bought some end tables. I've been looking for some small ones for quite a while, and finally found some on sale on Amazon.com. They arrived in flat boxes along with a bunch of other stuff (including the aforementioned rug pad):

box day [47/365]
See that FLOOR? Hot damn it looks good! I will blog about it again later this week!

The tables were quite nice once assembled. They match the bed really well too, I think! And for thirty bucks each, I'd say I got my money's worth!

New nightstands (other one not shown, obviously)

And now, check out the difference a rug and some matching furniture makes. Here's the 'before' (taken a few months ago, after we bought the bed).

Our new bed

And here's the photo I took on Saturday.

Bedroom with the rug

So much more inviting, right?