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03 June 2010

the non-weekend

Ok folks. Let's talk about socializing.

Do you like to socialize? I don't, and here's why. (Hint: I have very nice friends and family, thank-you-very-much, so it's not like I hate seeing them or anything.)

Social events zap any free time that I might have possibly had. See, here's what a day in my life looks like.

  • 5:40-7:00 AM: Work out.

  • 8:00-5:00 PM: Work. (I don't usually go to lunch, instead staying in to work on homework or catch up on blogs or *gasp* keep working. If I do 'go to lunch' it usually equates to rushing to the grocery store, rushing home to put the food away, and chugging a SlimFast en route back to work.)

  • 5:00-10:30 PM (or later): Homework (if I don't have a class that evening, and classes can go as late as 10 PM).

    Note: SOMETIMES we might sneak in an episode of The Simpsons. (We have the first 12 seasons on DVD.)

  • 10:30 - Bed.

I won't even go in to Pink Hubby's schedule. It makes mine look like a walk in the park. Sometimes we can go a whole week without speaking more than a few sentences a day -- just because we're both so busy. It makes us sad sometimes too, because we can see our 20's fading away into a blur of deadlines and outlines and drafts. But it's our life. I'll detail what it's really like to be a couple of full-time-employed, full-time graduate students in another post. THIS post is about socializing.

Namely, the kind of socializing people tend to do on weekends. Bachelor parties. Bonfires. Suppers. Weddings. Barbecues. Birthday parties. Baby showers.

Listen. After five 18-hour go-go-go days, there are three things I want to do with my weekend:
  1. Catch up on homework. (Because, really? Did you think working on this stuff on weeknights was enough? Hah!)

  2. Work on the house. (This includes 'mandatory' stuff like lawn-mowing and 'for fun' stuff like painting a room.)

  3. Nothing. (Well, nothing that requires I that put on underwear. Stuff like watching movies. Playing games. Surfing the web. Blogging.)

And on a perfect weekend, I'd surround these activities with going to bed early and sleeping in*. Wow. Party animal, right?!

I look at my schedule and I think: "JFKM". Because my calendar shows an event or gathering happening every single weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) until we go to Jamaica. There are some things when we get back, too.

Some summer vacation.

This is normal of course. It's summer! Time to be outside! To 'relax' with friends and family. Time to get married, and time to celebrate summer holidays. I hold no ill-will toward the wonderful people who take initiative to plan and host these events. They're just trying to have a good time! And it's not like I think they should do these things on weekdays. Then, no one would come (myself included). And it goes without saying that if we could not attend these things, we would not. But the fact is: we can and do go because we don't have a good excuse. When you're the only one of your friends & family who's in school, the "I have homework" excuse gets really lame, really fast.

We don't want to lose our friends, and we don't want to offend our families. But in a time of our lives when we barely have the time or energy to spend quality time with each other, it is exhausting to not only make it to these events, but have a good time too. I can't really kick back and be myself unless I'm at home, without guests. Can you?

There is no real point to this post, except to simply bitch about how busy we are, and how NICE it would be to have a weekend without obligations. Jamaica is looming closer and closer, thank God. It's no weekend at home, but I sure as hell can't complain!!

Are you busy? Are you tired? Are you a social butterfly? (If you're all-of-the-above: HOW DO YOU DO THAT?)

(Hint: If you know who won American Idol last season (or the one before that, or the one before that), or if you know what ANTM or SYTYCD or SATC stands for without Googling it**, You're not that busy.)

*Sleeping in means 7:30 or 8 AM.
**Yes, that's how I learned what all of the above acronyms stand for.